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    Could a lighter weight to counterbalance the heavier one? Yes, but this requires blocks. So what actually the block is?

    Block’s a wheel with a recess on the edge, encased on the sides in the body of block. Through the recess threads the rope. If the block body is attached to the frame rigidly – it is fixed block. It can be used to change the direction of the force. That is, pulling the rope downwards will cause load to rise. But if the body of the block is attached to the load (gains in strength or weight), it could be called a movable block. By applying one or diverse number of movable blocks we can get different. Such a result demands payment.  «What is the payment?» – you’ll ask. It’s loss in distance.

    Compare the course of the heavy and light weights. Make sure it’s true. But how do we actually get the gain in strength? That’s the question you need to ask guide.